Toy electric cars for kids

From 1-2 to 4 years. Toy electric cars for kids for the little ones are in fact three-or four-wheeled trolley-car to the battery, which need to go, sitting on horseback, and if you want to just roll the handle or rope. Malyshovye model is characterized by: small size (height 35-55 cm), light (weight 5-10 kg), low velocity (1.5-2.5 km / h) and ease of management, which is carried out with only one pedal, or button. The movement begins when the pedal is pressed the “gas”, and inhibition occurs automatically as soon as the baby lets go of the pedal. Some models have a toggle switch, and even reverse, which regulates the movement “back and forth.” In electric vehicles for the little one drive wheel, and they are encouraging kids switch on lights, sound, motor, buzzer or music bar. In addition, can be equipped with a detachable parent handle management and safety belts. Designed for children weighing 20 kg. Machine «Archer» from TCV (Taiwan), tricycle «Scooter Lunnis», a locomotive «Farm Trac», quadricycles «Quad Dolphin Trans» and «Baby Quad» Spanish firm Injusa, trolley, bike on batteries from Chicos (Spain), quadricycle ” Polaris Sportsman 400 “otPegPerego (Italy). Traffic on the electric vehicle on a closed track will not only allow parents to always keep the kids in the field of view, but also saves and a driver and a car from an accidental collision.

The rails can go train «Santa Fe express» by PegPerego, as well as the machine comes with “Musical Railway” Company Step2 (USA). From 3 to 8 years. Toy electric cars for kids for this age group reach 60-100 cm in height and can weigh over 30 kg, while maintaining the load to 50 kg. Single and double machines (and even two-wheeled motorcycles) are serious and require controls on the driver’s skills and abilities. The gas pedal causes the car to move, the brake pedal it stops. Management elektromototsiklom can be not only with the help of pedals, but turning the “gas” on the steering wheel (Patrol Police (TCV) of Taiwan). An electric car can have two drive wheels and multiple speeds, switching which is using the gearshift transmissions. The scheme is the following: two speeds, plus rear (I-II-R). Where I speed – 3-4 km / h, II – 4-10 km / h, R – 2-3 km / h (Jeep «Gaucho Grand», all-terrain vehicle, quadricycle «POLARIS SPORTSMAN 700″, elektrobike «DESERT TENERE» by PegPerego (Italy), all-terrain vehicle «Tornado» from TCV (Taiwan), etc.) The driver of the tractor or excavator will have to master the movement and reversals of trailer and control bucket or body-truck. This is true for models such as truck dumper «Jonh Deere Gator» and a tractor-trailer «Jonh Deere Power Pull» by PegPerego (Italy), a tractor «Massey Ferguson» and excavator «Toony Track» by Injusa (Spain).

WARNING! If the toy electric cars for kids is equipped with seat belts, one must fasten their child when he controls the high-speed machine. In contrast to the primitive toy electric cars for kids, the main characteristics of the electric vehicle for the “adult” children – power, speed, modern design and maximum proximity to the present car or motorcycle (some models are precisely replicate their real or stylized analogue of it). For children 3-5 years to get a better one-place car simpler and easier (15-20 kg), the developmental rate of no more than 5 km / h («Boogie Car» by Injusa (Spain), the robo-dog «E-DOG» by GEOBY ( China), a car «Fire Chief» of PegPerego (Italy) or jeep «Toyota Rav 4″ made in Russia), and select the two-wheeled motorcycle with a safety extra wheels, for example, «DESERT TENERE» by PegPerego (Italy).

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