Scooter with seat for kids

Choosing electric scooter with seat for kids, it is better to be guided not only the appearance and value of a particular model. There are other equally important criteria that must be considered.

A. Age of the child. For kids 2-4 years old is better to choose a small and lightweight (2.5 to 6 kg) machine which is easy to manage. Thanks to its compact size, it is possible to not only ride during the walk, but to play at home. Bikes for the kids combines the properties of car-wheelchair and tricycle. It is bright and colorful, has a funny shape and additional game features. For example, a music bar with lighting effects, a toy mobile phone, rear handle, etc. As a rule, models of pedal cars kids, the seat is located so that the young driver sits inside. The presence of beads, of course, somewhat difficult to him entering and exiting but the fall out of this, and transport difficult. Due to imperfect drive cars can only move on a flat hard surface. A racing car «Ferrarina», car-phone «Hallo» and the fire truck from Biemme (Italy), a jeep, “Cross-auto” car “Buggy” Russian-made music machines from Korea and China. Pedal tractor for children referred to the age group – it is almost the same tricycle, only played with a farm vehicle with plastic decorative elements.

For three-wheeled tractor was more like a real one, “horned” bicycle wheel he is replaced by a circular “steering wheel”. In addition, the rear axle can attach a small trailer, such as a three-wheeled tractors from Rolly Toys (Germany). However, in most pedal cars are designed for preschool and primary school age (3 to 8 years). Velomobiles for this age group often have impressive size (with a trailer up to six meters in length and up to one meter in height) and weight 10-15 kg. In cars and tractors realistic shape and good specifications. Some electric scooter with seat for kids have analogues among the battery of machines, while remaining much cheaper. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted, allowing the pedal car can be used for several years by changing the settings according to the proportions of the growing baby. The most popular electric scooter with seat for kids, special vehicles and karts. Tractors, bulldozers and excavators allow attachment of trailers, are managed with the driver’s seat buckets, Overturning Body-trailers and other additional features. For example, – a tractor-trailer «Diesel Tractor», «Master trac», «Excavator» to PegPerego (Italy) or tractor-trailer «Toony Track» by Injusa (Spain), the tractor «Magnum» and a tractor with a bucket and trailer «Master “from Biemme (Italy), a tractor« Turbo »and truck-tractor from the BIG (Germany), a tractor,” Maxi Lander, “fire engine with a stock, a truck with a winch and hinged storage compartment for tools by Rolly Toys (Germany). Separately, it must be said about the so-called frameless pedal cars – SCOOTERS.

Author: Dmitrii K

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