Cheap remote control cars for kids

This bright and modern velomobiles with lots of options, including: Independent suspension, sport steering wheel, trip computer, tire on cast disks, etc. The technical and performance characteristics of these cheap remote control cars for kids in some cases exceed the performance of adults multispeed bikes. Thanks to an ingenious adjustable landing karts can serve its owner for over 10 years, since most models are designed for children up to 10 to 12 years of age, some survive and adult.

Because of its functionality, cars are very popular among preschoolers and adolescents. But for many they are, unfortunately not available, since the remains of the most expensive. A simple car racing card for novice racers 4-7 years with hand brake on Coloma (Spain) is 4200 rubles. But Kettcar for children 6-12 years of KETTLER (Germany) – is 8500 rubles. Yes cars from Berg Toys (Netherlands) more expensive. Model for children 3-8 years “Binky” with a simple fixed-drive costs 10 000 rubles., Yes car with automatic drive “Delta” is designed for ages 4-12 years, cost about 17,000 rubles. Cost SCOOTERS “Junior” and “Sport” by DINO CARS (Germany) and ranges from 10 000 rubles. And here is a model in which there is no use of the higher age limit (age 5 and up “as long as you want”), can pull and 25 000-30 000 rubles.

Two. Manufacturers. Cheap remote control cars for kids have a large enough range of prices and are available under different brands, but the Russian market is mainly represented by the Italian Peg-Rerego. In addition to her customers offered their models of brands such as Biemme giochi (Italy), Injusa (Spain), BIG, and Rolly Toys (Germany). Products of other manufacturers is not as widely represented. Kids pedal cars of the Russian manufacturers – an extremely rare commodity in the market. Among them – the children avtomobilchik “Auto”, the basis of which was adopted by the appearance of the car Peugeot 106, as well as “cross-Jeep” with the appearance of Toyota Rav 4 and pedal car “Buggy.”

Modern domestic treadle machines have a wide range of colors, are made of impact resistant plastic with metal skeletal elements, which provides both ease (the weight of 5.5-6 kg) and reliability. Besides the benefits of Americans pedal cars are small size, ease of management, which allows them to ride on even the smallest, and certainly the best combination of “price-quality”.

3. “Test – drive.” In the Cheap remote control cars for kids shop is better to go with your child so that he could choose the vehicle of their own taste and test ride quality vending model, as they say, “on the spot.”

4. Storage. Before buying pedal cars, it should solve the issue with its “parking.” For flat compact malyshovye fit model for a country house, suburban area, and my father’s garage can safely buy a tractor with a trailer. And for example, but cars from Berg Toys in order to save space, you can store even in an upright position.

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