The beginner s guide to flying rc helicopters

I was given a homemade model the beginner s guide to flying rc helicopters has completed construction of the ceiling tiles Katana 3D.

Now wishing to propose to repeat its manufacture. This article describes how to make a Katana 3D model aircraft with his hands.

From drawing up the first flight.
All manufacturing steps with photographs of the manufacturing process model aircraft, so that again – no problem.

The beginner s guide to flying rc helicopters is a small model aircraft with interior fuselage and wing of the plane for 3D flying in a limited area. The scale model aircraft only 75 cm In this case, the weight of 248 grams of model aircraft, of which 47 grams – weight of the battery.

Served as material for ceiling tiles. The technology is not complicated and anyone can repeat it. For the manufacture of ceiling tiles need to wrap, glue, tape, ruler, paper cutter.
Downloaded Katana 3D drawing of the model airplane print, drawing sheets are glued together with tape and cut out templates for the production model.
These templates are enclosed in the ceiling tile and cut with a knife for the securities.
On the straights it is desirable to use a ruler.

Making wing panels.
In a pack of ceiling tiles 8 plates. 2 of them will go to the manufacture of the wing model aircraft Katana. Cut a piece for four-wing model aircraft
Ceiling tile must be taken without the molded figure. If the tiles are painted – it does not matter. I used to make a model airplane wing was dyed on one side. This layer of colored tiles placed inside the gluing wing.
4 blanks for model airplane wing Katana. For two blanks for each console.
For the manufacture of the wing spar is best to use a carboxylic Rail. You can use a segment of the line width of 2 layers.

I used a bamboo stick (from ikeevskoy bamboo coasters, or even a frying pan that is). As shown, one such stick was not enough. But I have successfully coped with it. If anyone would repeat – it is better to use a more durable spar than the bamboo stick. Under the longitudinal rods must be made deeper. I used sandpaper – just folded it in half and rubbed the deepening of the resulting corner. Such deepening must be done on both sides of the wing.

The beginners flying S107 rc helicopters

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