rc helicopter

How to control a rc helicopter ?

From early childhood I was fascinated by planes. Made from sheets of A4 a huge number of aircraft.

In the first class, I learned that in our town is a circle of aircraft construction, and immediately asked parents write me there. but after a couple of years aviacircle collapsed due to the small count willing to, well, maybe other reasons.

After the collapse of the circle for a while, I forgot about aircraft construction. Around fourth grade, I started
creation exhibition models out of paper, including aircraft. Unfortunately they have not survived.

By the end of fifth grade this occupation gradually grew into the creation of aircraft.

Last year I was seriously engaged in Stirling engines, even made ​​a few copies of the job.

In the summer in search of another homemade stumbled upon your site.

I decided to make a plane. The abundance of drawings and diagrams of aircraft ran his eyes.

The choice fell on a model that inept when landing will not break, and will be very stable in flight.

I work on my mother opened the drawing, the next day I started to cut blanks:

Author: Dmitrii K

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