Kids ride on electric cars

For older children (from 3 years or more) you can buy more powerful machines. These kids ride on electric cars are a little more sophisticated management tools require some driving skills. Often have multiple speeds, two-wheel drive, equipped with a manual transmission, brake and gas pedals. Machines for the children on the battery of this group reach a weight of 30 kg, height 100 cm, are accelerated to a speed of 10 km / h, calculated on the load of 50 kg.
These include electric vehicles battery quadricycle «POLARIS SPORTSMAN 700″, a jeep on the battery «Gaucho Grand», electric motorcycle «DESERT TENERE», battery truck «Jonh Deere Gator» by Peg-Perego, all-terrain vehicle on the battery «Tornado» from TCV, backhoe the battery «Toony Track» from the company Injusa.

When buying kids ride on electric cars, note the following important points:
1. Child car battery must meet the child’s age on the size, complexity upravleniyai mass. Pay attention to the allowable maximum load.

2. Capacity of the kids ride on electric cars. All electric cars for kids use the 6V battery or 12V. It is clear that the larger capacity battery, the longer the time of the electric car and a speed. Buying children’s car battery, keep in mind that time is inversely proportional to the size of the machine, weight, speed and load. For example, an electric bike «Scooter Lunnis» for children weighing 8.2 kg with one battery can drive almost 3 hours at a speed of 2.5 km / h While a large electric Jeep «GAUCHO GRAND» with capacious 12V battery at maximum load and speed is only 30 minutes.

3. Must be defined in advance with the dimensions of the storage of child machines. If you intend to use an electric car not only on the street, but in a city apartment, you’d better buy a more maneuverable compact motorcycles or tricycles on the battery. Big Jeep is hardly suitable for this purpose. However, if you live in a private home, or you have a garden, you can buy an electric sufficiently large. In this case you should organize a separate children’s area with a garage or parking space transportation, if possible, a toy shop. The child will be ecstatic!

4. Most of the kids ride on electric cars designed for driving on a flat surface. So if you plan to use an electric for driving outside the city along the country roads, buy children’s car on the battery, which has allowed for instructions. Kids car on the battery – ATV.

5. Do not buy a car battery with a markdown. Machines for the children on the battery are contraindicated any fall or blows. Therefore, even if outside the defect (chipped or dented) is not terrible, however, internal damage can be quite severe. Such injuries are often found at the most inopportune moment. They may threaten the safety of your child.

. Like any complex appliance, children’s car on the battery are not immune to failure or breakage. Therefore, when buying, inspect equipment, passport, as well as instructions and a check in Russian.

7. Buying a child’s electric car, it is better to give preference to well-known manufacturer. In this case, you can be sure of the quality of the goods. It is important that electric car, you want to buy has been made of strong materials are safe for children and has been certified. Elements of electrical wiring must be carefully concealed, preventing children’s access to the battery and other parts. Thats all for kids ride on electric cars.

Author: Dmitrii K

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