Electric cars for kids

Today’s children and kids from an early age are interested in a variety of machines and equipment. Want to bring a lot of fun to your baby? Buy him electric car! For many children, children’s car battery – this is the most coveted toy. To manage your own car, just recently learned to walk – is this a miracle? There is hardly a single child who refuses such a fun, exciting toys. Cordless baby machine – is not only a lot of fun for children, but also an opportunity to learn to manage their own vehicle to learn the basics of driving, traffic rules. These children’s electric cars are designed specifically for weight and height of children, are easy to operate and very reliable. They are safe, but the child control car battery, it is still advisable to watch.

Electric Cars For Kids

So you’ve decided to buy a child a car battery to your child. Where to start, what to look for when buying?
Selection of electric cars for kids vehicles is very wide. The range of machines for the children on the battery would have done honor to this auto show. Models of children’s electric cars are different in design, specifications, operating procedures, as well as age groups for which they are intended.
The appearance of children’s car on the battery is very diverse. Buy a Kids Electric Car (car on the battery), it is appropriate for your child. You can choose from: Children’s car on the battery, a tractor with a bucket and trailer

• Battery 4-wheel jeep or quadricycle;
• 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle, tricycle or scooter on the battery;
• train on the battery, riding on a flat road or rail;
• a tractor or a backhoe on the battery with a bucket or a Managed-body truck.

If your child is a fan of car racing, he would be delighted if you buy a electric cars for kids, made in the style of a Formula 1 car. There are electric cars for kids styled machine intelligence (children’s fire truck on the battery, merc, police, etc.). The design of modern children’s electric cars on the battery is getting closer to real cars. Battery cars are equipped with additional accessories: headlights, side mirrors, rear-view mirrors, seat belts, luggage, audio, phone, keys for ignition, the engine mock-up, number signs. In addition, some machines on the battery you can buy a trailer, a set of garden tools, or tools.

For the youngest drivers (children from 1 year to 3-4 years), you can buy a cheap car battery on the height of 35-55 cm with a weight of 5.10 kg. They are easy to operate and develop a small speed (up to 2.5 km / h). The movement of child car battery begins when the child presses a pedal or button of gas and stops automatically as soon as the baby comes off the pedal or button of kids electric car. Additionally, some cordless models can be equipped with the switch forward or backward. Typically, these electric machines for children have one drive wheel, equipped with seat belts and are designed for weights up to 20 kg.

For electric cars for kids in this group may include children’s car on the battery «Archer» from the TCV, electric motorcycle «Scooter Lunnis», quadricycles on the battery «Baby Quad», «Quad Dolphin Trans» Company Injusa, Battery locomotive «Farm Trac», an electric trolley car Rechargeable from Chicos, a steam locomotive on the battery «Santa Fe express», quadricycle «Polaris Sportsman 400″ by Peg-Perego at the battery. In addition, it is very easy for young children with electric remote control that allows you to control the movement of the baby.

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