Childrens battery cars

In vain some think that the childrens battery cars – it’s fun for the lazy. Not at all! Of course, her little driver will not have to pedal, but will need to learn to control vehicle movement, very much like a real car. After all, can be equipped with electric transmission and headlights to the light, have a reverse gear, brake and reach speeds of up to 8 km / h. And if the car suddenly ends “fuel”, it is sufficient to include in the mains charger, and can be re-assembled in a way. In addition, the purchase of electric vehicles – a good opportunity to learn with your child the basic rules of the road. Education during the game – very convenient, for example, you can draw traffic signs and place them on the path of motion, together with my friends baby (cyclists and “pedestrians”) – play situations, which occur most often on the road.
Introducing closer

All childrens battery cars drive work on the principle: “Push the button – get a result!” We only charge the battery and to teach the driver to control the future of transportation. Specifications. In the electric vehicle battery is used 6-12V and – from one to four motors. The greater the electrical capacitance battery, the more battery life and developed by the speed. It is clear that heavy and large machine with a maximum load will drive up to a decent (8-10 km / h) speed only with a powerful battery and motor. At the same time, battery electric car is inversely proportional to its size, weight, load and speed. So the biggest toy car with electric drive – Jeep «GAUCHO GRAND» by PegPerego, with 12-volt battery, with maximum speed and load (two people in the “salon”) can work independently just 30 minutes. At the same time malyshovy tricycle «Scooter Lunnis» Spanish firm Injusa, which weighs only 8.2 kg and has a rechargeable battery 6V, can go at a speed of 2-3 km/ h without recharging almost 3 hours. The average long-term recharge the battery is 10-14 hours. Design. Battery cars have a great lineup: motorcycles – two-wheeled, three-wheeled (tricycles, scooters), four (quadricycles), as well as single and double machines, tractors (even with a trailer and driven bucket), a Formula 1 race cars and even a robotic dog and the steam locomotive, riding on rails. Wheels. Battery cars have rear-wheel drive. Lead may be one or two wheels.

Childrens battery cars electrically designed for driving on a flat surface. However, models with a powerful motor and large wide wheels with replaceable rubber tires make it possible to drive on sand, grass, gravel, and even off-road climbing, for example, «Gaucho Grand» and «POLARIS SPORTSMAN» by PegPerego (Italy) ” Tornado »from the TCV (Taiwan) and other Electrical Equipment. An electric car can have a light and sound effects (working on additional batteries): passing lights, reversing lights, turn signals, spotlights, emergency lights (police cars and motorcycles), the sound of the motor signal, loudspeaker, siren and other security. In the electric vehicle seat belts are provided for a small driver and passengers, as well as the bumper, which will prevent the unpleasant consequences of possible collisions. In some models, for the convenience of the driver’s seat in the car is regulated (closer / further). Accessories. To make the similarity with this car was complete, children’s car battery is equipped with additional accessories such as mirrors, “janitors”, trunk, license plate, “ignition key”, a toy tape recorder, dummy engine under the hood opening. Inside, floor mats and leather seats (Gaucho Grand Silver on PegPerego), as well as a set of tools and garden equipment, telephone, etc. In addition to elektromototsiklu or racing electric car you can buy a helmet for the pilot-driver and the driver of the tractor or excavator – helmet. For SUVs «Gaucho Grand» and «Rodeo Ranger» by PegPerego – trailers for the train driver «Santa Fe express» of the same company – Additional 8-shaped track in order to increase the size of the road. For convenience, you can buy an extra battery, which will be used as a substitute for long walks or during recharge the main battery. Childrens battery cars are designed for children of different ages and therefore have the appropriate size, weight and complexity of management.

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