6v battery car

The final choice

If a whole to determine the requirements for the electric car have failed, you can go shopping. However, before settling on a particular machine, you should pay attention to several important points.

According to the complexity of management, as well as weight and height should match the 6v battery car age of the child, as well as its growth and skills. When you purchase should pay attention to battery life of electric vehicles. For the kids come up and one hour (enough for one trip), and for older kids, you need at least 2 hours.
Typically, 6v battery car designed for driving on a flat surface (asphalt path, concrete floor, the floor in the room). So if you plan to use a car battery in the country, it is best to choose a model that allow for driving on sand and gravel.
Need to think of ways in which take place in the “parking lot” electric vehicle. Some models – big and heavy, so it is hardly suitable for storage in the apartment.
6v battery car – transport not only for the boys! Girls, too, can easily manage such a machine. Of course, jeeps, police motorcycles and race cars in Formula 1 – more suited to future men, but the four-wheeled cars, tricycles, scooters, “robo-dog” – an excellent transport for the young lady. Learning to manage such a complex machine as a child in the future, it will certainly feel more confident behind the wheel of this car.
Do not buy a discounted electric cars at bargain prices. By offering products with chips, dents, scratches, etc., vendors are usually convince potential buyers that the defects are “minor” and the price for this sometimes reduced by 60-70%! However, such injuries occur from falls and bumps, but they are counter-electric machine in order to avoid breakage of the internal mechanism. In contrast to the visible damage, hidden may emerge in the most unexpected moment, and jeopardize the safety of the child. Certainly, from the faults and failures are not insured by any one product, the only difference is that the discounted exchange and is not refundable, therefore, to claim the seller does not make sense.
When purchasing equipment it is important to check, according to the electric passport, as well as the presence of a check and instructions in Russian.
When buying an 6v battery car, it is better to give preference to well-known producers.

Terms of use

Need to recharge the battery in a timely manner, without exceeding the charging time specified in the data sheet electric.
If the 6v battery car is not used for a long time, it is necessary to remove the battery terminals.
Do not exceed the specified products in the passport of the permissible load.
Avoid falls, shocks and upheavals electric.
Driving on the sand and off is allowed only if permitted by the regulations.
You must maintain the vehicle is cleaned of dirt.
You can not dip into the water electric, keep it away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
Keep this children’s transport to indoors only. Not recommended to leave the electric on the street even at night, since night moisture can damage the internal mechanisms of the machine.
You should not play with the electric car for children under the age for which it was intended.
WARNING! Ride the electric vehicle can only be away from the roadway.

Pedal car

The pedal car is often the look and accessories of this electric car, but at the same time, as well as biking, gives your child the necessary exercise and develops coordination of motion and leg strength. Incidentally, the same model can be produced with both electric and pedal-powered. But, unlike the rechargeable car, pedal does not depend on batteries and power sources, and therefore gives more freedom to use.

Where to buy 6v battery?

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