Radio controlled airplanes for beginners

I decided to make a parachute or such radio controlled airplanes for beginners, but the unusual design. The unusual is that the design of parachutes involves running a hand.

I made the canopy of the cellophane from the garbage bags (30 liters) as he and durable, and easy, and does not stick together (as a food film for example).

Holding the ring in the center of the dome lines stretched in order that they could do the same and are attached to a hook made out of paper clips. In the same place on a hook attached gum (buffer), 150 mm long. Eagle Eye is fixed-weight on a piece of clay.

To run the model of my radio controlled airplanes for beginners, the parachute is taken right-hand man for his lower lip, where there is no thread, and left for the elastic rod (Fig. 3), which catches on a ring in the center of the dome. Pulling gum dispensers, first lines, then the gum, gently pushing up the model. The model with the folded canopy, without encountering much resistance the air quickly fly up. At the top flight, unhooking the hook, the dome is opened and the model is gently lowered.

Hook a self-starter to freely and easily jump out of the ring. If not, it should be a little bit to straighten when the hook comes out when you start-fold the parachute descent rate … you can adjust the quantity weights.

Author: Dmitrii K

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