Radio control airplane videos

With the permission of the authors – Jack and Jonny post the radio control videos tutorial on making a model airplane. More precisely airplane. Since we are considering production of models at once three types: Coach verhneplana, biplane and monoplane.
Make a homemade model aircraft on these video instructions are very simple. First you need to download the drawings of model aircraft.

Radio control videos are intended for those wishing to make a model aircraft with his hands. By airplane manufacturing steps considered.
As a result you have obtained such a model airplane.

Tools and materials
Prior to radio-controlled model aircraft of any manufacturer to stock up on materials and tools.
To transform the foam and ceiling tiles in the model aircraft require the following:
Sandpaper nakleynaya on a wooden block and a ruler, modeling knife (a knife can be used for paper), hacksaw.

From the materials used Penoplex 20 mm thick (35 inscription means its density) and packaging of ceiling tiles. And the first and the second, however, as a tool mozhdno in the construction market to buy or store building materials.

M-1 coach
M-2 biplane
L-3 monoplane

Dimensions of model aircraft
scale model aircraft 1000 mm
length of 770 mm airplane
weight of the airplane about 650 grams

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